People: Ghost Stories

People: Amanda Ghost Amanda Ghost: Ghost Stories
September 2000
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People: Amanda GhostMake way for the protégée. Everyone from buddy Boy George to UK record exec Andrew Wickham (who signed Joni Mitchell) is claiming credit for discovering Ghost (nee Gosein), a London-based singer-songwriter of Indian and Spanish descent. And with good reason.

Ghost, 25, is a wunderkind of the Fiona Apple variety, with a throaty, aggressive alto and eclectic songwriting style that reflects her sense of displacement. On the club-ready “Filthy Mind” she spits out bitter come-hither commands (“Could you make a suggestion/ For an act I would enjoy?”). Later she sounds brightly pop-savvy, enlivening “Idol” and “Glory Girl” with sing-along choruses. Throughout there is a an edgy, enchanting melancholy, best captured on the introverted “Cellophane,” on which she wails, “Nobody moves me/ I’ve been through this life/ With no place that I can call my own.”

Bottom Line: Haunting

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