Teen Books Turned Films Draw Big Box Office Bucks

Like many aspiring novelists, I've got a few young adult books stashed away somewhere in the far reaches of my head. In fact, I took a YA writing class a few years ago, and have a whole chapter of one written. But I digress.

Abc_teenfilms So anyway, I've been reading the Twilight series, and Twihards, as fans of the books call themselves, are storming bookstores this weekend to nab copies of the final installment in the series, Breaking Dawn. And I'll admit, I'll be there too.

The Twihards are also eagerly awaiting the November release of the film adaptation of Twilight, disecting every casting decision on the web. But it's hardly the only young adult tome to get the big screen treatment. I noticed a trend — there's the Traveling Pants sequel this week, but also Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, Sex Drive (yeah, it was a teen book!), the Secret Life of Bees (again, a teen book!) and let's not forget the CW staples Gossip Girls and Privileged, both of which got their start as Alloy novels.

In fact, Alloy, a book packaging powerhouse, is the driving force behind the trend, and for the ABCNews.com story I got to chat with Leslie Morgenstein, the brains behind the operation. "We're not just in on the ground floor, we are the ground floor," he says of the company, which spawned Gossip Girls, Traveling Pants, and other hit teen franchises. "We're focused on building brands."

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