Happy New Year! And welcome to the online home of Sona Charaipotra.

This is my first official year as a fulltime freelance writer, and I’m still trying to balance working in my PJs with my obsessive DVR-ing of House Hunters and everything else HGTV. I’ve joined a few freelance writers groups, but mostly it’s me solo. I have to say, working from home has been an oddly refreshing reprieve from my time in cubicle-land.

A bit of background: Formerly a reporter at People and an editor at TeenPeople.com, I’m now fulltime freelance New York City-based writer and editor with more than a decade’s worth of experience in print and online media, I’ve written for the New York Times, People, TeenPeople, American Way, ABC News, Premiere, Modern Bride, The Daily Beast and other major national publications. You can find my professional portfolio and more about me at www.SonaCharaipotra.com.

An avid traveler, I backpacked from Kashmir to Kerala with my husband, Navdeep, during a whirlwind six-month honeymoon through India. Dying to see pictures? Check out photo galleries, blogs and videos from the adventure out at www.IshqInABackpack.com. Next on my big trip list? Greece! And China. And Morocco.

A screenwriter, I received my Masters in Dramatic Writing and South Asian diaspora studies from New York University in 2006. This year, one of my big resolutions is to start — and finish — my first novel. I’ll be tracking my progress here as well, and would love to hear from other writers.

I’ll also be sharing opinions and insights on everything from Hollywood and Bollywood, the economy (it’s just unavoidable), thoughts on home-buying (a current mission) and other mundane tidbits, and of course, the inside scoop on where to fnd the best cupcakes in the tri-state area (Vacarro’s Bakery in Colonia, NJ).

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