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November 2008
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Sarah Palin Action FigureAnd Action!

She might not be Wonder Woman, but looks like this pint-sized Palin action figure can hold her own. Standing tall at 12 inches, this special edition figurine comes factory-sealed, complete with her own pistol and holster. But Alaskans be forewarned, the free shipping is limited to the 48 contiguous states. Bidding starts at $49.

“Dolls do have crossover collectability,” said Rinker. “Once the political nostalgia fades, doll collectors may still be interested.”


After coughing up a minimum of $65 for a box of sugary ObamaO’s, you might not be able to stomach eating them. With a “limited edition” of 500 boxes in existence, who could resist? Rinker, for one.

“Collectors’ edition, limited edition, there is no truth to those catch phrases,” he said. “The only limit is the buyers’ interest.”

Web Wise

The priciest political prize on the web? The domain for, which clocks in at a staggering $2 million starting bid. But this isn’t your everyday eBay sale. Transfer of this domain will require attorney involvement. Also noteworthy: This seller is based in Wasilla, Alaska. Perhaps Palin’s trying to recoup some of those election wardrobe expenses?

“Again, it’s all speculative,” said Rinker. “The only people who win are the sellers, because you won’t be able to resell these things at 10 cents on the dollar.”

A Peek Into Barack’s History

This budget breaker is what the seller dubbed the “Holy Grail” of Obama collectibles, an autographed copy of the president-elect’s “Dreams From My Father,” along with documentation dubbing it “authentic.” But if you’re interested, you better move fast. There’s already two bids in, and this will set you back a minimum of $3,300.

“Unless there’s a photo of Barack signing it, the signature’s a fake. And again, what’s the long-term prognosis?” said Rinker. “In 50 years, who’s going to care? It’s no better than the Bush stuff.”


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