Shatner I have to say, I've interviewed probably hundreds of celebrities, and William Shatner still managed to be one of the more memorable ones. Which is saying a lot.

He was quite quirky and very deadpan — half the time I couldn't tell if he was kidding or truly serious. In any case, Shatner — who has a new interview show on the Bio channel called Raw Nerve — was a fun interview, not in the least because both my dad and my father-in-law actually know who he is! (They both really appreciate his Priceline commercials.) I, on the other hand, must admit that I'm not really a Trekkie at all. In fact, I best remember him from his Priceline gig and from Miss Congeniality, that much-maligned Sandra Bullock movie!

In any case, here's my chat with Mr. Shatner on

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