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Vampire Diaries Scores A Fall Debut on the CW

15187453 Just last week, my writing partner, Meena, and I were chatting about how we should buy the rights to the Vampire Diaries — a tortured teen vamp saga that thrilled readers a full decade before Twilight was born.

Growing up in the 1990s, Meena and I both loved the books, and L.J. Smith’s other series, The Secret Circle, when we were in high school. And we’ve always meant to write something spooky and supernatural but fun, so this is an obvious fit. But Smith’s books had been languishing for about a decade before Alloy Entertainment chief Les Morgenstein, whose company is home to Gossip Girls, Privileged and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, suggested original publisher HarperCollins re-release the series in the wake of Twilight‘s success. Naturally, the series then went on to hit the NYTimes bestseller list. Smart guy, that Les Morgenstein.

Variety announced today that Alloy sold the TV rights to the CW this week. The network greenlit the pilot, to be penned by CW vet Kevin Williamson — who also helmed the WB hit Dawson’s Creek — for a fall debut.

The saga is a classic love triange — except the two brothers vying for dark beauty Elena’s heart just happen to be vampires. Naturally, one is good and the other is evil, and Elena is torn between the two. Does she do what’s right? Or will she give in to her dark side? Tune in this fall to find out.

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