She’s Just Not That Into You?

I've been working on a story for on celebrity love pegged to the release of the self-help tome-turned ensemble comedy He's Just Not That Into You. And it turns out, when it comes to relationships, stars are just as messed up as the rest of us.

Abc_intoyou So I interviewed a bunch of relationship experts, including Oprah fave Dr. Michelle and the always uber-candid Matt Titus, on certain celebs and their very-human dating downfalls.

From Jennifer Aniston to Drew Barrymore to ScarJo, they've all had their fair share of dating disasters — but their bad dates make the tabloids every time. So have they learned from their mistakes?

Drew's ex — you may remember him as your local, neighborhood Mac guy — Justin Long has. But that doesn't mean he wouldn't do it all again in a heartbeat. "We all rationalize and analyze to a certain extent," Long told me when I interviewed him for American Way pegged to the film. "But when you're with somebody, you've got to make the choice to just go all in. Sometimes you do and you get your ass kicked. But you can't regret it. That's the nature of love." 

Wise guy, that Justin Long. I'm sure he and Drew will find their way back to each other soon enough.

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