Oscar Themes

This week I'm digging into Oscar themes past and present on ABCNews.com.

Abc_oscars I chatted with Oscar experts Dave Karger, who runs Entertainment Weekly's Academy Awards blog, and Tom O'Niel, who runs the L.A. Times The Envelope blog.

Amongst the themes we discovered? This year, with every best picture nominee also taking a best director nod, is definitely the year of the helmer. In fact, Danny Boyle is a shoo in for Slumdog Millionaire, which is also the frontrunner for the best picture trophy.

In years past, we've seen the Oscars focus heavily on villains, classy old broads, and last year, a strange convergence of female screenwriting nominees. Which isn't to say that the trends signal a shift in the Hollywood paradigm. Female scribes still make up less than thirty percent of working WGA writers in Hollywood. As Twilight writer Melissa Rosenberg noted when I interviewed her for Premiere.com, "You know, honestly, it's not getting better," she told me. "If you look at the
numbers, the WGA diversity reports, the numbers for both minorities and
women are essentially the same as they were years ago. They just
haven't moved. It's discouraging. And it's exhausting. You think you've
made some headway, and you really haven't."

Still, Rosenberg isn't giving up hope. (And neither am I!) "If you don't keep
fighting, then the other side wins," she says. Jai Ho to that!

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