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Tori Spelling Tori Spelling’s Mommy Issues
April 2009
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Tori pregnantYou’ve commented that Jessica Alba, who had her daughter Honor Marie two days before you had Stella, was back in her pre-baby body two weeks after giving birth, while you could barely move. Did you feel pressure after your pregnancy ended to be physically perfect?

When I wrote Mommywood I was still losing my baby weight, so when I talked about the pressure, yes, it was very much there. It took [Jessica Alba] two weeks to get back to her pre-baby body. It took me six months. And some women never lose it. But when you’re a celebrity, people are always taking pictures of you. And if it’s been two weeks since you’ve had a baby, it’s hard not to worry about them seeing your belly.

But if you’re talking about today, I have lost my baby weight. And yeah, I may look a bit thin. But I’m running around doing all these projects and taking care of my two babies. And all of a sudden, according to the press, I’m too thin. So something’s wrong with you, no matter what. You can’t win. I’m perfectly healthy. The reality is, obviously, when I make a joke—“Sometimes I just eat what’s left on my son’s plate”—it’s me being silly, when the press makes it out to be like I’m eating just two french fries a day. Of course not. I was joking. When you have two kids, though, it’s hard to give your full attention to sitting down and eating a proper meal. There’s too much going on at any given moment.

Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood You’re already shooting season four of your reality show Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.

The new season starts in May. It works out really well, because they just sort of follow our daily schedule. They came with me on the set of 90210 and they’re on the book tour with me now. The kids have gotten so used to the cameras and the crew, they miss them when they’re gone. It’s become like a big family.

Speaking of family, your mom, Candy Spelling, recently released her own memoir, Stories from Candyland. Have you read it?

Her book being out the same time as mine is just smart corporate planning. Kudos to them on that. Obviously they want to sell copies, and any drama that can be created around it will sell copies. I’m completely supportive of her choice to do her book—everyone should be able to tell their version of the story. And I fully intend on reading her book.

In your book, you say that your relationship with your kids is always a work in progress. Would you say that applies to your relationship with your mother, too?

All relationships are a work in progress. I don’t know what the future holds. I just think that right now it would be better for both of us and our relationship if everything weren’t so public. I would like for us to deal with things more privately.

Tori and Kelly on the new 9021090210 scored its highest ratings in months last week when you made your debut on the show. How does it feel to be back in Donna Martin’s shoes?

It was great. I was nervous my first day because I kind of felt like the new kid on someone else’s set. And I just kept thinking, “Everyone knows each other, what’s it going to be like?” That new-kid-in-school feeling. But when I got there, it was just so comfortable. It was like being home again, but yet not quite home again. The new cast was great, but I really loved working with Jennie [Garth]. We’ve been friends a long time, but it was wonderful working with her again. It was just like when we were 17, giggling on the set. But while we used to giggle over boys, now we were talking about our kids.

Obviously fans are happy to see Donna return. Do you think you’re going to stick around?

I think it’s great—it really validates me making the effort to come back, that I did it for the fans. And we’ve got such loyal, amazing fans, so I’m really happy to see Donna and Kelly back together on the show. I’m definitely open to doing more, but I don’t know anything about that yet. I did a few episodes this season, and it seems like it could lead to more, so hopefully I’ll be back next season. I would love to.


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