New Moon In Sight

Lautner Twilight fans, known for dissecting every little detail of the film on the web, are no doubt salivating over the first look at New Moon's howlingly hot wolf pack in this morning's USA Today.

Missing in the pic is the leader of the pack, Taylor Lautner, who originated the role of Jacob in the first book and was previously rumored to be replaced in the follow-up film because he was too small. But if this peek at his pack is any proof, he's no doubt beefed up nicely for the role, which is much more central in the follow-up books.

Getting a coveted spot on Jacob's Quileute crew was no easy task. The boys all had to show true Native American descent. "They had to have papers that proved their
heritage," director Chris Weitz told USA Today. who was the one who insisted on
hiring within the community. "And they had to be in good physical
shape. They went through wolf
camp together, and they are in constant training. It paid off as a
bonding thing for them and helped them to get to know one another. They
drove each other to get more buff."

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