On Thanksgiving, Assessing My Reverse Bucket List

This week, as we all gather our loved ones and our thoughts to give thanks for all the love and luck we’ve received this year, it’s worth taking some time to look back and really take stock.

At least that’s what fellow FLXer Diane Silver did with her reverse bucket list, on her blog, In Search of Goodness. As she mentions in her post, the bucket list is a rundown of things you’d like to accomplish before you kick the proverbial bucket. But a friend inspired her to do just the opposite and take a look back at the things that she’s already done that she’s proud of. And since Diane’s idea (via her pal Maryann) is so timely, given the holiday season, I’m borrowing it, too.

Here’s a few things that make my reverse bucket list. I’m sure there are more to come:

-Kavya, my beautiful, smartie pant, sparkly-eyed baby. These first nine months of motherhood have been as exhausting and as fulfilling as any I’ve ever had. She’s simply amazing.

-My husband Navdeep. I’ve never met a smarter, sweeter, sexier man, and I’m so glad that we managed to find each other, despite startling odds. I’m so lucky to have a partner who gets me on so many different levels, who makes my goals his goals, whose brilliance startles me even after all these years. As someone once told me, he’s a keeper.

-My family, a boisterous, incredibly fun bunch whose unconditional love and support has been both my safety net — and the reason I’ve felt I can venture out onto paths unexplored. My stylish, smartie pant sister, my artist brother, my mother, who taught me what a mama should be, and my dad, who came to this country more than 30 years ago with a goal — to make his little family’s life better.

-The life-changing six-month honeymoon adventure Navdeep and I took in India — and IshqInABackpack.com, the site where we’ve managed to document some memories we made. The trip altered the way we looked at each other, and ourselves. It took me off my tried-and-true path and into new territory.

-My decade at People magazine. As crazy and stressful as those years were, they were formative in my career, and made me the writer I am today. They also afforded me a luxury that few writers have these days — the ability to earn a real living from home in my pajamas, writing about things I’m really interested in.

-Freelancing. I couldn’t have asked for a better day job. It’s fun and focused, entertaining and explorative. It leaves me enough time to spend with my little family, and it allows me the leeway I need to focus on other goals — like fiction.

-My class at the New School. I didn’t realize how much I needed a writers’ community until I found one. And I’m glad I got this particular bunch. They share my passion, my ambition, my goals. I’ve found in them the support I need, and the right to take writing seriously for once in my life.

-Writing. In whatever form it takes — screenplays with Meena, blog posts about Kavi (which I’ll keep for her to read when she’s older), fiction or those countless emails Navdeep and I exchanged back in the day, unraveling our life stories. Writing has been my form of analysis, of catharsis, of revelation. I’m glad it’s the path I stumbled upon and decided to follow.

That’s just the start of my reverse bucket list — there are countless other things I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving.

What tops your list this holiday season?

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4 Responses to On Thanksgiving, Assessing My Reverse Bucket List

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  2. Corey says:

    Is that link right? The one for your India trip? I knew nothing of this and am dying to see some of your experience!

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