Blogathon 2012!

Okay, so with just a half an hour left in the day that was May 1, 2012, I’m finally posting. Yes, I’m adding to my already crazy summer schedule. But this blog has long been neglected in favor of work and the site, so I’ve decided this month I’ll get back into the swing of things. I’m taking part in Michelle Rafter’s annual blogathon, which I’ve done once before. Last year, more than 200 bloggers participated!

This blog has long been a mishmash of random thoughts and musings, so I’ve decided to bring a bit more for focus to it by writing about a few specific things: freelancing for magazines and websites, writing fiction, and balancing all this with parenthood, which is an arena I’ve been exploring more lately in my freelance work. Okay, so that doesn’t really narrow things down at all. But I’ve got a lot going on, so I want to have a bit of flexibility in talking about what’s on my mind. Overall, I think I’ll be talking about writing as a craft and as a business, since that’s really my focus these days.

Case in point: We’re in the thick of the final two weeks of school. I graduate with my MFA from the New School on May 17. It feels like yesterday that I started the program, but it’s been nearly two years already. Crazy! I’m so glad that my husband Navdeep pushed me to do the program — he said it was now or never, and I think that was really the kick in the pants that I needed. Now he’ll be doing a post-MFA program at CUNY’s Writers Institute, and I think that will give him the structure and feedback he needs, too. I’m so proud of him for being accepted to the program and for really diving into the novel he’s been tinkering with for nearly five years. We both have big writing plans this summer, and the blogathon will be a great way to synthesize all that’s going on, a sort of writing journal of the journey.

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