Decisions, Decisions

My plan this summer is to get things done, specifically when it comes to writing fiction. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m all about keeping up the momentum. But I’m nothing if not indecisive — which happens to be a very typical Libra trait.

Sigh. Today I spent the afternoon tallying up word counts — for three different works-in-progress. I’m having trouble deciding which one to plow ahead on first — and these aren’t even the only ones I have brewing. They’re just the only ones I have word counts on already.

It would make sense to continue on with the thesis project, since I’ve laid out the first five chapters and have it outlined and ready to push ahead. I’m 27K in, and will likely end up at 90 or 100K on that one. Also, these characters have been invading my brain now for about five months, sharing their secrets and demanding that I write scenes out of order, which is just so not me — I always write beginning, middle, end. So perhaps I should just keep going. Right?

But then I have a work-in-progress, a tween-ish YA project I started first semester, that’s nearly complete. It’s clocking in right now at 36K, and it will probably end up being about 55K. So it’s almost there. If I spent a good month on it, I could probably have a good solid draft done. But while this project is fun and high concept, it’s just not my favorite. It’s not calling out to me. Still, I’m committed to seeing it through. It will be completed, now or later. So it makes sense to just do it now. Right?

The last one is the one that’s been simmering the longest. It started out as my thesis script at NYU and was developed for some time by MTV Films before that insipid¬†Bride And Prejudice flopped and essentially killed it. But I’d since started adapting it into novel form, and while it needs a lot of work (it was my first real attempt at fiction), it’s clocking in at 27K, too. And the thing is, I love this story. It could be great. To this day, it still calls to me, saying, ‘Sona, pick me up, mold me, finish me off, share me with the world.’ So it makes sense to go back to it now. Right?

Sigh. Alas, perhaps you see my grand dilemma. Between these three works-in-progress, I’ve written more than enough for a novel. But they’re just parts of different wholes. I’m everywhere and nowhere when it comes to writing. There are too many great stories waiting to be told. But I know that it’s probably best to pick one and plow forward, to really, really focus and finish something. And then move on to the next. Right?

Yeah, that’s what I have to do. Suck it up and make a decision. I’ll report back tomorrow to share which one I decided to work on first.

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