MFA Withdrawal Already?

So technically we’re not graduated yet.

But today I attended what will be my last workshop as a grad student. It was a Weekend Workshop Dhonielle and I requested from the department and even got to help put together. It was on Diversity in Children’s and YA Literature, run by the awesome Andrea Davis Pinkney of Scholastic. She was so open and candid and enlightening, and the hands-on components of the workshop, via writing prompts, were quite intriguing. I usually hate writing prompts — but at 7 a.m. this morning, I found myself pounding out my first ever picture book. And it sort of rhymed!

Anyway, it was two sessions and it’s over now, and I find myself already nostalgic. My sister often mocks and marvels the fact that I could actually just go to school forever, but honestly, when I’m studying something I’m truly fascinated by, like the craft and business of writing, I really could. And thus, I am already in withdrawal. I miss the deadlines, the discussion (and occasionally, debates), reading the work of my classmates, having them weigh in on my own. This two year incubator experience, which seemed so intimidating and endless two years ago, has gone by in a flash.

I know that we’ll all keep in touch, and that I’ll keep working with several of the writers I’ve met in the workshop, but it just won’t be the same. So here’s to you, Class of 2012. You will be missed.

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