Ever since we were little, my sister and brother (both younger) have taunted me on occasion with one word: “Zooooona!” Pronounced like Sona, but with a Z, and elongated, of course, for dramatic effect.

The word defined those moments when I would just completely space, drift off, staring at a wall or a book or nothing at all really. Where did I go in those moments? They couldn’t comprehend.

For the longest time, though, I thought it was just me. Just one of those weird little quirks that define a person. That Libra spaciness, perhaps. Right?

But recently I’ve come to realize that perhaps its a writerly trait. That I’m too entertained or engrossed in the stories in my head, that maybe I’ve quite literally gone off to some other world, one they can’t see into yet.

I realized this because I feel like I’ve been procrastinating since I turned in my thesis two Thursdays ago. But in my head, I’ve been with that story ALL. THE. TIME. It won’t leave me be.

I had my big long deliberation on which WIP to work on first, discussed it with others, even came up with a decision, finally, based on practicalities. But the story I chose to put of for now is the one that continues to haunt me, to unfold and play out in that other space. It’s pushing me to focus on it, to forget practicalities for the moment, to share the lives of these characters I created who are trying to get their tale told.

So perhaps that’s why Zooooona has been with me all these many years. If so, go ahead and call me that. I’ll wear the title proudly.

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